spirit of the shaman

Retreat Workshop: 22nd-24th Sept 2017

Diana is delighted to offer this unique 3 day retreat workshop that provides the opportunity to discover the ancient tradition of direct revelation and indigenous earth wisdom for yourself. Set against the magical backdrop of the autumnal equinox, a major point of balance on the celtic wheel of the year, Diana will share tools and techniques that will help you navigate to inner peace and wisdom, awaken your intuition, shift awareness and provide you with resilience and balance.

Day One: 12 pm - 6pm The Journey:
Sacred space, shamanic journeying, meeting power animals, signs and omens, and reaching  that core place of stillness to awaken your intuition,
Day Two: 10am - 5pm The Drum:
Birthing your own drum -the sacred shamanic medicine tool.  A practical hands-on experience that will connect you to the spirit of the animal and the tree.
Day Three: 10am - 4pm The Call:
Deepen your powers of direct revelation. Heal and overcome blockages, step into your authentic self and experience a shift in your awareness that leads to a state of grace where life flows.