shamanic craft workshops

shamanic drumShamanic Craft  workshops are open to everyone, whether you're a seasoned healer or just want to gain more understanding and knowledge of various aspects of shamanism, divination and earth-based wisdom. 

Through these one-day workshops, Diana will share with you knowledge surrounding shamanic crafts and drum making.  Diana can also offer medicine wheel workshops focused on sacred space, ceremonies, rites of passage and rituals.  

Limited overnight b&b accommodation is also available but please book early to avoid disappointment.

The Full information and ticket links will take you to the relevant Eventbrite booking platform where you can book and pay to attend the workshop of your choice.

Drum Birthing Workshop
A very powerful and transformative experience, imbued with the deepest honour and intent.  During this full day practical hands-on workshop you'll be guided in the traditional way of drum making, using lacing cut from the same hide. 

Celtic Tree Divination Day
This one day spiritual growth workshop will introduce you to the Celtic Tree Ogham - an ancient blend of divination, knowledge, script and folklore.    Understand the tree wheel of the year, and learn how to read and draw the sigils. Hone your psychic intuitive skills as you practice divination with ogham cards and staves, and  leave with a profound sense of deeper understanding, familiarity and connection with the encoded symbolism and magic held within the trees.   

Sacred Medicine Craft
Prayer arrows, talking sticks, wands and staffs.  What will you create in this magical day of working with wood?  What will spirit have you bring to the world at this time?  A wonderful experience in co-creating something personal and meaningful. 
Full info to follow