reiki courses
reiki healing and training courses
Being attuned to Reiki is the method or process by which you become a Reiki healer.  It enables you to easily access the Reiki energy (Universal Life Force) for healing a person, animal or situation. 

Diana offers Certified Reiki training at all levels.  Courses are kept relaxed and informal yet cover a large amount of information and knowledge.   The teaching includes a mixture of personal study, physical healing training, techniques for accessing Reiki energy, learning mantras and symbols (Reiki 2nd degree), and personal and spiritual development.

Students are asked to wear comfortable, casual clothing and have no strenuous or hectic activity scheduled around the training date. All the courses include refreshments, lunch, manual and Certificate. Overnight accommodation in our b&b retreat is available for an additional cost.

Reiki 1st Degree
This Personal Level of training has an inward focus on your own healing and wellbeing.  It enables you to give hands-on healing to yourself, family, friends and your own animals on an informal basis. 
Entry Criteria: no previous knowledge required.

Reiki 2nd  Degree
The 2nd Degree attunement is known as the Practitioner Level where the student’s attention is turned outward to help others. It involves learning to use three sacred symbols and their associated mantras and teaches you to offer formal treatments and distant healing.  
Entry Criteria: 3 months following 1st Degree attunement.

Reiki 3rd Degree
This Master Attunement is offered by special arrangements to those who feel called to pass on their knowledge and attune others.  
Entry Criteria:1 year following 2nd Degree attunement.