equine consultations & training
 ~ giving something back to our equine companions ~

equine healing and connection
As a qualified and experienced Reiki Master and equine healer, Diana recognises the horse as a sentient being. It is now no longer satisfactory to provide healing whilst ignoring many of the out-dated practices and approaches in which domesticated horses are still kept and managed.  

Diana provides individual consultations and courses for horse-owners wishing to update their understanding surrounding the nature of horses and its application to welfare in the 21st century.   To complete this transition, individual equine Reiki courses are available to those who have been attuned to this healing energy (this can be bolted on to your Reiki 1st degree course)

Equine Connection Consultation:
A one day  consultation workshop, held in a safe environment and completely non-ridden.    The consultation  brings new depths of human-horse connection and understanding that is deeply rewarding.   Throughout the day, you will learn:
·         Principles and observation of  innate equine behaviour and body language
·         Species appropriate care encompassing the Five Freedoms and aspects such as natural hoof-care, environment, movement and socialisation that are imperative for a horse's wellbeing.
·         Sharing space with horses that are at liberty whilst understanding personal space (both human and horse), approaching and connecting through mindfulness and learning to listen to the horse
·         Tips that you can use to help create a more peaceful and harmonious relationship and one that permits equine self-expression. This may even include re-assessing the ‘why’ you have a horse
·         Leave with useful and practical support resources and information
Cost: £90, including refreshments and Certificate of Attendance
Accommodation available if required (additional cost)

Equine Reiki Training:
Entry criteria: Reiki 1st degree + Equine Connection Consultation Day
A one day individual course to teach you how to provide Reiki healing to your own horse/s.  Throughout the day, you will learn:
·         Equine chakras and their meaning
·         Animal healing legislation
·         Approach and connection, including meditation and mindfulness
·         Providing equine Reiki
·         Being aware of messages from the horse
·         Healing indicators and observation
·         Completing the healing
·         Leave with useful resources and support information
Cost: £90, including refreshments and Certificate
Accommodation available if required (additional cost)