shamanic drum commission

20170329 115219 resized 1Do you wish you had your own shamanic drum?
One that was made especially for YOU?  

Made with integrity, honour and accompanied by a personal shamanic message.

Diana is now receiving commissions for these deeply personal and individual sacred tools.  This is not an item that you’ll find on a retail store shelf or in a new age shop or online.  This drum – your soul drum– is birthed with you in mind at every stage of the process.  

Shamanic drums are used by indigenous peoples across the planet and are considered sacred items.  They are used in ceremony, in healing, in journeying to spiritual realms and in shamanic practice. A shaman values his or her drum as a friend and ally.  A shamanic drum can be likened to creating a new heartbeat that connects you to your soul spirit and brings wisdom and insight from far beyond the physical realm. 

As part of this special commission, Diana will use divination and seek shamanic guidance to bring your soul drum into being.  Diana will also create a handmade beater that is paired with your drum.  When complete, the drum will be smudged in ceremony before being ready to collect or posted, along with your personal shamanic message.

A commissioned soul drum is your personal shamanic tool.  It includes:
·         Initial consultation and agreed timeframe
·         Divination and preparatory guidance
·         All materials 
(variety of hoop sizes and woods, with red stag hide)*
·         Making of drum and beater
·         Blessing & smudging ceremony
·         Accompanying card detailing personal shamanic message

 * other ethically sourced hides may be obtainable subject to availability and additional pricing.
Soul drums are priced from £175 (depending on size) plus p&p.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the commission and cost of materials. The balance is payable on completion prior to delivery or collection.
To commission your soul drum, contact Diana here