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Answering the Warriors Call

Saturday 28 September 2013 was a magical day.  Among a gathering of some 600-800 druids, pagans and healers, I answered the Warriors Call to be in Glastonbury.  At the foot of the Tor, we came together to invoke a circle and create a web of energy to protect Albion from fracking.  The ceremony was undertaken at various sacred sites across the UK and abroad, and the energy it raised was tangible, felt as a tingling and rippling throughout the body and making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
We called upon the elements of the earth, the cardinal points, and the Lord and Lady of Alavon to bear witness to what we were about to do.  The young warrior leading the ceremony reminded us of past times and battles when Albion has required protecting; from the battle for the sacred waters nearby to the Roman invasion on Anglesey.  The emotion I felt at this point poured down my face as I recalled faint distant memories from my past life on Anglesey when I had borne witness to the slaughter of the last druid stronghold.  And I knew deep down in the very fibre of my being that I was here now to do it all over again – protect this land from destruction.  I experienced time slipping away at the realisation that as humans we create a loop of experiences based on our soul agreement. As the ceremony continued, blessed water from a thousand sacred springs across the planet was held aloft and shown to the crowd.  The young warrior explained we needed to raise the energy so the protection could ripple out across the land.  As the druids standing around the altar used their wands to touch the blessed water container, the young warrior led everyone in raising the energy through drumming.  As hundreds and hundreds joined in, the sound grew louder and reverberated across the field and up the Tor; tourists watching us from the top could only look down and ponder on what was happening.  The drumming increased in intensity and speed as the altar druids began drawing up the energy through their wands and holding it as the crescendo of sound reached its peak.  As the druids brought their wands over their heads, turned and faced outward to all four corners of the gathering, creating a sacred shape, I could feel the rippling of energy flowing through the crowd.  Then, in complete synchronicity, the druids brought the point of their wands down to the ground and the drumming stopped instantly.  It was done.  Complete. 
As the ceremony drew to a close, the young warrior asked that those who felt so led could walk to the top of the Tor and partake in pledging the Warriors Oath to continue protecting Albion.  I knew I had to do this.  Along with many others that day, I took the path to the top of the Tor.  In small circles of about 10-12 people at a time, warrior after warrior joined hands in unity and strength.   The oath, spoken three times aloud, creates a pledge that is sealed in the ethereal plane.
I pledge to continue to work both practically and magically to protect Albion from fracking;
I pledge to continue to work both practically and magically to protect Albion from fracking;
I pledge to continue to work both practically and magically to protect Albion from fracking
So Mote It Be

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