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Healing in the thick of it
Answering the Warriors Call
The calling
In memory of Murphy the Irish Wolfhound


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Healing in the thick of it

Reiki.  One word that can conjure up many different images of what healing is, or rather, what healing is perceived to be.  Equine Reiki is much the same.  It conjures up images of both what healing looks like as well as what a healer is.  The classic image is of the (usually) soft woman, who gently places her hands on or slightly above the horse being healed, or even stands at some distance of a few feet to send healing.  The atmosphere is usually in hushed voices and words of encouragement, soothing all those around and creating the environment where healing can take place.


After a break of nearly 3 years, it's time to get blogging again!  So welcome back!!  Much has happened since my 2013 posts.  I've now moved to a beautiful new area and my work has continued to develop and grow. Please visit other pages on the website for information on healing, tuition and training.  

Answering the Warriors Call

Saturday 28 September 2013 was a magical day.  Among a gathering of some 600-800 druids, pagans and healers, I answered the Warriors Call to be in Glastonbury.  At the foot of the Tor, we came together to invoke a circle and create a web of energy to protect Albion from fracking.  The ceremony was undertaken at various sacred sites across the UK and abroad, and the energy it raised was tangible, felt as a tingling and rippling throughout the body and making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

The calling

The grove of trees surrounding me
Are whispering to my heart
As I slow my thoughts and breathe in the air
I become still and play my part
To spend this time with the sacredness
Of the earth beneath my feet
The rustle of leaves and the feel of the wind
Make me somehow feel complete
This healing grove surrounds me with love
And reminds me of who I am
A living part of divine consciousness
That came here with a plan
So I let the thoughts wash over me
As I connect with both present and past
And the recent loss of Murphy the dog

In memory of Murphy the Irish Wolfhound

MURPHY               16.4.07 - 14.8.13
You came to us when two, having travelled quite far
Then curled yourself up in the back of the car
You looked skinny and scared as the miles passed us by
Passively watching and probably wondering why
We too were wondering what we had taken on
Saying yes on the phone to see if you could belong
Yet deep down we knew it was the right thing to do
Our instinct telling us that we must choose you